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FC Can Stay Najib Cases Pending RCI, Forensic Accounting

If evidence was suppressed, High Court, Court of Appeal, may have looked at only part of the story on Najib cases. It's public perception that...

Should We Save Sapura Energy?

It is not unusual for a gov't to rescue its major industries from collapse. In the case of Sapura Energy, any rescue effort will...

Malaysia: Return of the Cronies

By: John Berthelsen (Asia Sentinel) On October 17, Halim Saad, the executive chairman of Renong Group, bid RM5.2 billion (US$1.24 billion) in an attempt to...

Hypocrisy and Lies, A Pakatan Harapan Saga

By Aathi Shankar It’s time for Pakatan Harapan to cease its misleading propaganda on the so-called “61 years of failures”. If 61 years of first Alliance...

Kit Siang On Mahathir’s Scandals

By Kua Kia Soong George Orwell once said: “The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their...


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iPhone Alerts Police To Car Crash That Kills 6

Police rushed to scene after getting distress call from...

AG ‘Caught With Pants Down’ On Judge Nazlan Probe

The AG should be sacked as well for political cases filed by two previous gov'ts and for having a brother as Speaker!

Police Say 129 People Killed In Indonesia Soccer Match Stampede

Officers fired tear gas in an attempt to control the situation when supporters of the losing home soccer team invaded the pitch in East Java province, causing a stampede and cases of suffocation.

PM Orders Ex-AG Tommy Thomas To Be Investigated

Tommy Thomas will be probed under various Acts, including OSA and Penal Code, although the general consensus is that a push for RCI would be better