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Should Malaysians Be Divided Over Conflicts In The Middle-East?

PART 3: ISSUES CLOSER TO HOME How do we Malaysians handle the issue? We have almost no Jews in our country but what if we...

Here’s How To Work Smart Like The Australians

By Bob Morshidi There’s this stereotype we Asians have about Westerners, especially Australians: They are lazy. This may be true, but I spent half a decade...

How To Make Grandma’s Economics Work For Us

The Economics Of Grandmothers As Told By Zam Yahaya Since the beginning of the MCO in the middle of March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic,  for the...

Assimilation should be the aim

Until all races can drop their defence for their own race and start assimilating, the Malay bumiputera agenda can only and *should be* intensified....

Dear Chinese Malaysians…

By William Cheah To my Fellow Chinese Malaysians, I have always wanted to write this but never found the right time. Maybe this is the right...


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PM Orders Ex-AG Tommy Thomas To Be Investigated

Tommy Thomas will be probed under various Acts, including OSA and Penal Code, although the general consensus is that a push for RCI would be better

Europe Braces For Mobile Network Blackouts This Winter

Europe has nearly half a million telecom towers and most of them have battery backups that last around 30 minutes to run the mobile antennas.

Ex-AG Tommy Thomas’ Day In Court On Law In Malaysia

There’s grave cause for public concern on reported 19 problem areas in Tommy Thomas' memoirs, ‘My Story: Justice in the Wilderness’ on law!

Hurricane Ian Intensifies As Millions Flee Florida

The National Hurricane Center upgraded Ian to a "extremely dangerous" Category 4 hurricane, but said the storm would weaken slightly once it reached land.