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Thai, Singapore Luxury Goods Scammers In RM100 Million Scam Arrested In Johor

Singapore police receive tip-off from Thai counterparts Johor police detained a couple involved in luxury goods scam where items worth S$32 million were undelivered on...

Farmer’s Case Illustrates Najib Isn’t Getting ‘Special Treatment’

In the rule of law, basis of the Constitution, no one above the law, all equal before law, rights come with remedies. First, in connecting...

What More Do The Chinese Want Now?

Has there been a shift in the Chinese community support for Najib and BN, or is it just a show for social media? Some...

Better Be Ready. We Are Doomed! Maybe Lah.

By Hang Kasturi Firstly, let me take care of the elephant in the room. Happy New Year to all my readers, the subscribers and followers...

It’s A 1Malaysia Christmas When It Comes To Our Family

By Latisha Merican https://youtu.be/A5_ZugTFbZE When my husband Michael and I got married, we lived and worked in Singapore and never lived in Malaysia in the...

Bangsa Johor Unik, Sultan Bangga

Oleh Sarah Kamal https://youtu.be/mn5-TQ-SjB4 Johor memang unik. Hanya di negeri paling selatan dan berjiran dengan Singapura ini sahaja ada bangsa tersendiri iaitu Bangsa Johor yang wujud...


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