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Gopal Sri Ram Should Recuse Himself On Rosmah Mansor Cases

Reading the various news reports on Rosmah Mansor's court application yesterday, I feel compelled to make my comments here. It is clear from the...

Time To Migrate From Personal Hits On Wives Of Politicians

MELBOURNE, Australia - Violence against wives of political leaders can be physical, sexual or psychological in nature. Both men and women can be affected...

Commentary: Political Stability In Malaysia Hinges On Consensus Principle

It doesn't matter who is Prime Minister in Malaysia as long as the Cabinet observes the consensus principle i.e. no vote against. I am...

Analisis: Tak Selamat Dari Segi Perundangan Untuk Hukum Najib

ULASAN oleh Joe Fernandez Pada asasnya, sebuah Pendapat bukanlah undang-undang. Perihal ini perlu dinyatakan terlebih dahulu. Hanya mahkamah yang berhak dan layak mengisytiharkan undang-undang. Parlimen pula...

The Rulings, Being Based On ‘Flaws’ In Law, Means It’s Unsafe To Convict Najib

COMMENT and ANALYSIS by Joe Fernandez At the very outset, it must be stated, that Opinion isn’t law. Only the court can declare law. Parliament makes...

The SRC Trial: Is There A Miscarriage Of Justice?

For many of Najib Razak's supporters and family members, last week was a truly miserable moment. Not only did the Court of Appeal (COA)...


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Trust Me: UK Prime Minister Liz Truss Seeks Party Support For Economic Plans

Addressing Conservative lawmakers and members at an annual conference marred by internal squabbles and policy ambiguity, Truss sought to reassure her party, the public, and investors that her plan was the best way to restart growth.

Financial Losses Expected For Elon Musk’s Takeover Of Twitter

While Musk will contribute much of the RM203.74 billion by selling his stake in Tesla Inc (TSLA.O) and relying on equity financing from large investors, major banks have committed to contribute RM57.88 billion.

1MDB On Political Donation: Court Is Not Right, Proper Forum

The court, as evident from 1MDB charges, has degenerated into alleged "abuse of power", based on bits and pieces, on prerogative and discretionary powers of government and management!

Malaysian Films And The Quest For Quality

The box-office success of Mat Kilau is great, but is Malaysia all about producing racing and silat films? Veteran filmmaker and film history buff Anwardi Jamil weighs in his views on what it takes to bring our films to the global arena, without having to ruffle the Hollywood popcorn-fare feathers.

Brazil Girds For Tight Runoff Vote After Lula’s Victory In Election

Lula, a two-term former president who was imprisoned on false corruption convictions that were later overturned, received the most votes in Sunday's presidential election and remains the favourite to win the race later this month, according to many analysts.