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SURAT | Adakah Akan Ada Marriage Of Convenience Lagi?

Say No! To Gabungan Marriage Of Convenience Oleh Ramlan Askolani, Setiausaha Perhubungan UMNO Wilayah Perseketuan, Ketua UMNO Bahagian Lembah Pantai Khabarnya setelah tewas teruk di PRN...

GE15: Will There Be A Straight Fight Between Two Giant Coalitions?

The writing's on the wall already. GE15 will see a head on collision between Barisan Nasional on one side and the Opposition on the...

BN Crushed PN, PH In Historical Johor Polls

BN secured a two-thirds majority win to form a strong and stable Johor state government, losers acting like sourgrapes JOHOR BARU - By now everyone is...

Gerakan To Contest At Least Five Seats in Johor Polls, Says State Chief

But President Dominic Lau said that the party would contest a maximum of 10 seats at the state polls Johor Bahru – Parti Gerakan Rakyat...

What Happens When Professors Are Lacking In Intellectual Capacity?

By Azhar Kurai The media is integral in shaping public opinion. In the fight to control mainstream media, the winner holds the upper hand in...

Hello, Now Is Not The Time To Fight

By Jeg Hui In view of the recent happenings in our political scene, I believe it is better that BN, PN and GPS should stick...


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