First Time Ever – Najib Takes Swipe At Mahathir On World Stage

PETALING JAYA - Many people were stunned at the invitation of the Chinese government to former Malaysian premier Najib Razak to present the keynote...

Are Pakatan And Trump Mad(e) For Each Other?

By Yuktes Vijay "This is a fraud on the American public. This is an embarrassment to our country. We were getting ready to win this...

COVID-19 Dan Politik Kebencian PH Membuat Rakyat Sengsara

Oleh Nabeel Naqie Lebih 60 tahun kita merdeka dan kita diperintah oleh BN. Segalanya aman dan makmur. Tetapi politik fitnah dan benci akhirnya membinasakan negara kita. Negara-negara...

Mahathir is crippling Malaysia

By Aathi Shankar Syed Husin Ali has recently slammed Tun Mahathir Mohamad as the politician responsible for all ills crippling the nation. Syed Husin blamed Mahathir...

Malaysia seizes $328 million held by Chinese state-owned unit in HSBC

By Leslie Lopez (Straits Times Regional Correspondent) Malaysian authorities have seized more than RM1 billion ($328 million) held by China Petroleum Pipeline Engineering Ltd...

Malaysia’s Mahathir Faces Backlash Over Race Quota For Contractors On China-Backed East Coast Rail Link

Prime minister has confirmed preferential treatment for so-called Bumiputra companies will also apply to hiring for multibillion-dollar construction project But detractors say affirmative action risks...


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