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FBI Seized My Phone, Trump’s Attorney John Eastman Says

Attorney John Eastman claims FBI agents appeared to be executing the warrant “issued at the behest” of the Justice Department WASHINGTON - The FBI seized...

Mahathir Fears Being Dragged To Justice If Anwar Becomes PM

Mahathir and family risk civil action for allegedly money laundering activities In Part 1 we saw that the Agong advised Wan Azizah that she...

Tengku Zafrul: 1MDB Principal Debt Not Paid As It Is Not ‘Time Yet’

Tengku Zafrul explained that the federal government will only begin servicing the principal debt once some of the bonds issued by the sovereign fund...

Najib: Status Kewangan Negara Amat Mencabar Akibat Kegagalan PH/PN

Negara sedang berdepan dengan keadaan yang cukup mencabar untuk memulihkan semula tabung-tabung dan rizab negara setelah kerosakan sangat teruk ditinggalkan oleh Kerajaan PH dan...

As Trial Begins in US Court, Will We Finally See Release Of Evidences That Clears Najib’s Link To 1MDB?

It seems that the Malaysian government is not keen to get the 1MDB linked time-sensitive exculpatory evidences to clear the former premier's name What has...

Ex-Banker Roger Ng Got Millions in 1MDB-Linked Kickbacks, Says US Prosecutor

The scandal stems from some US$6.5 billion (RM27.2 billion) in bonds that Goldman helped 1MDB, launched by former Malaysian prime minister Najib Razak to spur...


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