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What More Do The Chinese Want Now?

Has there been a shift in the Chinese community support for Najib and BN, or is it just a show for social media? Some...

Aura Bossku Dan Bencana Sg Kim Kim Menghantui Pembangkang Di Johor

Kaum Cina dah makin sedar sekarang yang mereka telah termakan fitnah terhadap Najib sebelum ini, sementara mangsa bencana Sg Kim Kim hanya berharap kepada...

The BossKu Phenomena – That Big Voice On Social Media

DATUK Seri Najib Razak and BossKu - two names that belong to Malaysia's 6th Prime Minister and whenever you mention any of these, a...

100 Reasons Why Najib Should Be Called Malaysia’s Transformer

"The trouble with the international community and the Opposition buggers is, they see our Prime Minister (Najib Razak) as a wuss because of his...

Hello, Now Is Not The Time To Fight

By Jeg Hui In view of the recent happenings in our political scene, I believe it is better that BN, PN and GPS should stick...

Di Mana Letaknya Adab, Jika Kita Tak Hormat Institusi Presiden?

Sebagai ahli UMNO, penulis Panglima Limabelas tetap menghormati Presiden bukan kerana beliau adalah personaliti tertentu, tetapi kerana dia adalah Presiden. Sebagaimana kita menghormati pemimpin Melayu...


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