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Are Most Malaysians Bona Fide Racists?

Yes, that's the title of my long article. Also a fact! Yukiepedia is the anti thesis of "Wikipedia". When Wiki lies, Yuki edits. (wiki here refers...

So What Happened At The Bar Council’s Walkabout?

Is the Bar Council serious about Judicial independence or are they the spokesperson for certain political parties? It was a Friday, a day when...

Integrity Of The Malaysian Judiciary Left Us Today

By Yuktes Vijay Former Lord President, Tun Dr Mohamed Salleh Abas has passed away just days after testing positive for COVID-19. He was 91 years...

Pakatan Harapan’s credibility problem

For decades the DAP led Pakatan coalition in their various form portrayed themselves as the one size fit all solution for every Malaysian needs....

Claire – Hadi lawsuit raises questions on Pakatan Harapan’s credibility.

The Pakatan Harapan’s perception engine has been working overtime ever since Hadi Awang and Claire Rewcasle-Brown agreed in out of court settlement and it...


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Brazil Girds For Tight Runoff Vote After Lula’s Victory In Election

Lula, a two-term former president who was imprisoned on false corruption convictions that were later overturned, received the most votes in Sunday's presidential election and remains the favourite to win the race later this month, according to many analysts.

Najib Applies To Attend Parliament Sitting, Rejected By DG Prisons

Najib's lawyer Shafee Abdullah disagrees with "rejected for security...

iPhone Alerts Police To Car Crash That Kills 6

Police rushed to scene after getting distress call from...

AG ‘Caught With Pants Down’ On Judge Nazlan Probe

The AG should be sacked as well for political cases filed by two previous gov'ts and for having a brother as Speaker!

Police Say 129 People Killed In Indonesia Soccer Match Stampede

Officers fired tear gas in an attempt to control the situation when supporters of the losing home soccer team invaded the pitch in East Java province, causing a stampede and cases of suffocation.