PCM Chief To Surrender State Awards As Mark Of Protest

Do the Awards mean so little that it can easily be revoked?, the PCM chief asked

Parti Cinta Malaysia (PCM) President Major (K) Huan Cheng Guan will surrender all four awards he received 30 years ago as a mark of protest against the Penang government for revoking the Dato’ Seri Utama title Najib Razak received in 2009.

Speaking to NMH, Huan added that the Penang DAP/Pakatan Harapan (PH) government is not consistent in their action and practises double standards as Anwar Ibrahim who was sentenced to prison never had his titles revoked.

The four awards Huan received previously from the Penang government were Community Service Medal (Pingkat Jasa Masyarakat – PJM), Meritorious Service Medal (Pingat Jasa Kebaktian – PJK), Distinguished Conduct Medal (Pingat Kelakuan Terpuji – PKT) and Darjah Johan Negeri (DJN).

“Why was only Najib’s award being revoked? What about Anwar?” he asked.

Huan, a loyal supporter of Najib and Barisan Nasional was seen on many occasions defending the former prime minister even though the latter is no longer in power.

“After all, the awards were given to the former PM during his term in office to express the State’s appreciation for Najib’s effort towards the State’s development.

“Do the Awards mean so little that it can easily be revoked now that the recipient is made a political prisoner?” he questioned.

One of PCM President Huan Cheng Guan’s postings defending former premier Najib Razak.

Parti Cinta Malaysia is a political party established in 2009 and is an associate member of Barisan Nasional.

Adding on further, the former Batu Kawan MP said he is also willing to return his Darjah Pangkuan Seri Melaka (DPSM) which carries the title Datuk if the Melaka government revokes any titles given by them to Najib.

“I am willing to return my Datukship title awarded by the Melaka government if they also decide to revoke any title awarded to Najib.

“I am always consistent. Unlike any other DAP/PH leaders who are hypocrites and like to pick and choose their political victims,” Huan chided.

Recently, Penang deputy state secretary (development) Zakuan Zakaria had said the Yang di-Pertua Negeri Tun Ahmad Fuzi Abdul Razak consented to the state government’s decision to revoke the title after the Federal Court’s decision upholding Najib’s conviction and sentence in the SRC International case.

Earlier, the Selangor state titles awarded to Najib and his wife Rosmah Mansor were also revoked. – NMH

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