Sisters Caught With Drugs Worth RM1.1m In The Philippines

They were caught in a sting by drug enforcement unit after an extensive surveillance in the Philippines

Two kilos of syabu with an estimated street value of P13.6 million (RM1.1 million) were seized from two sisters following a sting in Silay City, Negros Occidental, Philippines.

Angie Dumdumaya, 30, and her younger sister Angielyn, 25, were arrested by Western Visayas police Regional Drug Enforcement Unit after they reportedly sold syabu worth P30,000 to an undercover agent in Barangay Lantad.

Police said they recovered two more kilos of syabu from the siblings, who were allegedly major drug suppliers in the city and nearby areas.

Under Surveillance

According to, the team also recovered receipts issued by a money remittance centre from the suspects.

Prior to their arrest, the siblings had been under surveillance by the regional police.

Meanwhile, another drug suspect, identified as Harper Hojilla, was arrested in a sting in Barangay 29, Bacolod City.

Hojilla was caught with 37 grams of syabu with an estimated value of P261,600.

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