Dolphins Back To Sea, Two Dead In New Zealand Dramatic Rescue

New Zealand has highest dolphins, whales stranding rate in the world

Seven dolphins, stranded on a remote beach in New Zealand, managed to head out to sea after they were soaked with buckets of water by rescuers while waiting for high tide.

According to the Department of Conservation Facebook post, the dolphins were found stranded on Waiheke Island at Whakanewha Bay.

One adult and the calf however died while a juvenile managed to reach deeper water earlier.

The rescue was carried out by local community, assisted by DOC employees.

Keep Them Wet

Earlier, Reuters reported that rescuers were soaking them with water while waiting for the tide to take them back to sea.

The DOC and Project Jonah, which specialises in rescuing stranded whales and dolphins, said their staff and equipment were despatched to help in the rescue.

New Zealand has the highest stranding rate for dolphins and whales in the world with hundreds of the mammals getting beached on its shores every year.

Just why the animals get trapped on beaches is still a puzzle for marine biologists.

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