LETTER | Time For A Total Reset Of Malaysian Politics


By Mohamad Aidi Amin Yazid

From as far as I can recall, every year end, without fail, our nation will be hit by flash floods involving the same states and areas.

What happened this year was not something new, just on a larger scale – but involving the same states and similar areas.

However, despite this obvious repeat pattern, our government has done nothing about it. They were even slow in reaching out to the victims and as usual, every year, turned the whole episode into a circus.

Once again they descended in all their fancy cars and used the suffering victims as propaganda material – striking some dumb poses for the media cameramen.

This is most disgusting and I am happy that a large number of victims realised this and instead relied on the kindness of fellow Malaysians to make it through the hard times.

From as far back as I recall, Taman Sri Muda in Shah Alam has been a flood prone area and till today, it still is.

Why haven’t the authorities done something to rectify the problem? If that area was designated as flood prone, then why was it approved for a housing estate?

Guess the answer is simple – corruption once again. Corruption has seeped so deep into our administration that Malaysia has become a La-La-Land where everything is possible.

Well, it is certainly time for change – time for a Reset agenda – time for new political parties, a new breed of leaders and a whole new Bangsa Malaysia.

Enough of the rakyat suffering at the hands of corrupt, unscrupulous politicians. Enough of Azmin Alis, enough of Zafruls, and surely enough, and totally enough of Rina Haruns!

It is time to Reset the whole political agenda and work towards a true Bangsa Malaysia.

Let us show our frustration and anger during the polls and give others who are committed to the creation of a clean, dedicated and sincere Bangsa Malaysia a chance.

Mohamad Aidi Amin Yazid from Shah Alam, Selangor, is a New Malaysia Herald reader.

The views expressed in this post is that of the writer’s and do not necessarily reflect the the views of the New Malaysia Herald.

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