Raise A White Flag If You Need Help

We never thought it would come to this.

While the pandemic has taken its toll on the citizens, the government of Malaysia says it is trying its best. Unfortunately, its best is JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

Everyday we receive the number of new cases from the National Security Council and the Ministry of Health. These include the death cases due to COVID-19 complications. But we have yet to receive the number of suicide cases, the murder cases, the unemployment rate, the bankruptcy cases.

BUT everyday we receive on social media gory videos and photos of suicide attempts – some successfully, but mostly fatal. There are even cases of attempted suicide-murders, where a parent wants to kill the child before attempting suicide. These are real stories, as much as COVID is real.

And if suicide via jumping from tall buildings is too common-placed, we now have suicides at carparks of government building, or at the overhead bridge.

All these reflects a breakdown in the social system.

At the New Malaysia Herald, we can only do so much. We join other NGOs and individuals who started the ‘Raise the White Flag If You Need Help’ campaign #benderaputih.

Together with #benarmalaysia #caringbenar #dapurhasnah #ocdforautism, we are not only encouraging those who need help to hang a white cloth/flag at their home with the hope that if anyone sees it, they will contact the numbers in the respective areas and someone will get in touch with the needy parties, we are also setting up a fund drive. This is our bid so that collections from this drive will go towards buying food, essential items, or even give cash outlays where needed. Sometimes when people are depressed, it may not be even about money or food, they just feel helpless, lonely, they don’t know where to turn to. And this is where our volunteers come in.

There are a lot of government aid, community aid, food banks, soup kitchens and financial assistance out there. Not everyone is aware of what’s out there. So our volunteers will hopefully be able to point them to the right direction or give them the aid they need or even just be a listening ear.

Life is short, make the best of it. If we can just help one person from falling down, we would be helping a whole family, or even a community. Your help counts. Be with us. For more enquiries, you can email to us at contact@newmalaysiaherald.com or whatsapp to: +60146277067 or +60166060320.

Editor’s Note: This is Corporate Social Responsibility effort by the New Malaysia Herald.


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