Kadir Jasin : Pakatan not meeting peoples expectations

Kadir Jasin in his blog said that Pakatan Harapan is not meeting people’s exception for them. He called the government “underperforming” and that they have become ”bureaucratic, distant and unfriendly” after winning the 14th general election.  

”Some even picked up fights with their own supporters. This is suicidal.’’ he said in his blog.

“Additionally, the Pakatan Harapan suffered what all government parties went through after a successful general election – the honeymoon ended and the dissatisfaction set in.

The Pakatan Harapan record in the last eight months has fallen short of the expectation of even its most realistic and  loyal supporters.”, he added.

Kadir’s observance is nothing new. Over the past nine months of the Pakatan Harapan government even the most ardent supporters who wanted change have had to admit that things were better under Najib Razak’s Barisan Nasional government.

Pakatan Harapan’s over sold the public on the “kleptocracy” and “1MDB” issues and just turns a blind eyes that many of this actually happened under prime minister Mahathir Mohammad’s previous tenure. The public have been less forgiving of these excuses. They wanted real change and are constantly told that it could not be delivered but priorities are given to Crooked Bridges and Third National Car project. 

The plunder of Tabung Haji into special purpose vehicles under Ministry of Finance also did not go well with muslim majority Malays. It seems that Pakatan Harapan is determined to be a one term government and they are going all out to achieve that.

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