Residents unhappy over Bangsar South name change

Many property owners at Bangsar South expressed their clear unhappiness over the name change to Kampung Kerinchi by Lembah Pantai MP Fahmi Fadzil.

The idea was first mooted by Fahmi a month before the May 9 elections. Bangsar South is a posh 60 acre residential and commercial development that is at the southern end of Kampung Kerinchi. Eventually the whole area officially or otherwise came to know as Bangsar South. 

Property developers claim the Bangsar South developer UOA Development Berhad, did not apply for the name change but the branding was so strong that people didn’t call it Kampung Kerinchi anymore.

But therein lies the problem. Over time the developments in the areas we marketed at premium prices. Just as Segambut areas rebranded to Kiara South fetch a million RM in prices, so did properties at Bangsar South. A name change would adversely impact the prices.

One resident said “Fahmi Fadzil should look at far pressing matters such as the continuous traffic situation rather than name change. Even more so the development is killing the green lung in the area. Name changes will not stop developers.”

“It seems that Pakatan politicians prefer to work on irrelevant things and cause issues then solve things that actually matter. My family have invested in many properties here over the years and now I’m worried about the value.”, said another. 

While Fahmi has since then claimed that the whole thing was a misunderstanding many residents are still unhappy over the situation. They live there and they know the areas within Kerinchi and Pantai. What Fahmi did just made everyone confused and angry.

“If you are just clarifying why make a big fuss over it during GE14 ? Why carry on about it and then turn around and say Bangsar South isn’t disappearing? It simply doesn’t make sense” said another angry resident.

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