1MDB Malaysia Berhad
1MDB Malaysia Berhad

Wall Street Journal cited meeting minutes it claims to have viewed that specify Chinese leaders offered to bail out 1MDB investment fund in 2016.

The offer was claimed to have happened for railway and pipeline projects as part of China’s Road and Belt Initiative.

This is not the first time Wall Street Journal has made such claims against China and Malaysia’s 1MDB. Previously it had used information shared from Sarawak Report alleging money trail from 1MDB into the personal account of former prime minister Najib Razak which since has been proved otherwise by Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC).

1MDB has been part of a global scandal involving Goldman Sachs, financial adviser Jho Low which was used to link with Najib. While the former prime minister has been charged with various offences there has yet to be any link between him and 1MDB as initially and continuously reported by Wall Street Journal.

The newspapers journalists also authored A Billion Dollar Whale based on the 1MDB controversy which alleges various money trails but stops short of providing evidence of the alleged crime. The book also mentions that Najib Razak himself may not have known anything about the crimes. 

China and USA has been locked in bitter trade wars where the latter has been using various means to shame China into submission. 

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