The Najib Brotherhood Which Began 35 Years Ago

While there are those who only support leaders when they are in power, the loyalty of Najib Brotherhood of '87 has withstood the test of time It was meant to be a networking Hari...

Australian Elections A Stark Warning For Malaysian Politics

The recent Australian election that saw Labor win the election gives a stark warning to Malaysian politicians. Australian voters took their cumulative rage and despair to the ballot box and major parties could no...

Gov’t Should Not Direct Social Media Platforms On Content

There's case for review of media 'community standards' for compliance with law There's the belief among cynics that "the media, being an unthinking animal, prevents us from knowing the truth as the bankers keep us...

Anthony Albanese sworn in as 31st PM Of Australia

The Labor Party leader leaves Australia for Tokyo to meet Biden SYDNEY - Anthony Albanese, was sworn in as the 31st prime minister of Australia on Monday, promising a "journey of change" as he vowed...
Who is aligned to TEams A & B?

Umno And The Threats From Within

Money politics rule the day whenever there is an Umno election and candidates must have a strong war chest to vie for top positions. Umno's Annual General Meeting (AGM) with the election of office bearers...