IUMW Hosts Breakthrough Global Confab On Digitalising Malaysia

The Malaysian government recently unveiled the MyDigital Blueprint, aimed at digitizing the the current Malaysian economy by 2030. The digital economy, which grew by leaps and bounds in recent months, is expected to make...

Firm Boosts Employment For The Unemployed

Imagine a life where you have studied for years, tried your best to apply for jobs, only to be told: “We are sorry, we have selected another candidate for the post you have applied...

Why I Think She Deserves An International Inclusivity Award

There are mothers out there, and then there are mothers who do not share the same genealogy with you. These are people who expound love and caring to all - regardless of race, religion,...

Choosing The Right Campus Can Kickstart Your Potential Career

By now, many of you who sat for your SPM exams early this year – which was postponed from November 2020 due to the pandemic – may be shopping for the right university/college to...

Playing Jenga With Nature, And We Know How That Turns Out – Part 2

So, what do we do with the questions raised in Part One? Firstly, WAKE UP! There can never be a going back to a pre-COVID normal! Given how serious and totally devastating are the consequences...


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